Description Price Comments
ACRIS E Tax Forms $150.00 Fee transfer / Coop transfer
Bankruptcy Search $25 (per name)
Certificate of Good Standing $150.00
Certificate of Incorporation $150.00
Certificate of Title (No: Insurance) $750.00 Residential (1-4 Family)
Certificate of Title (No: Insurance) $1,000.00 Commercial
Certified Copies $50.00 Plus statutory county charge per page
Continuation Search ( 1 year) $125.00 $50.00 each additional year
Co-Op Search $300.00 Outside contractor
Copies $50.00-$100.00
C&R and Easment Search $250.00
Deed Chain -25 years $150.00 Minimum without copies
Extra Chain (Per lot) $150.00
Foreclosure Search (Mechanic’s Lien, Mortgage or Common Charge) $500.00 Extra Chain $150.00 per lot
Judgments & Liens vs. Name (No Mortgages) $75.00 (per name) Jud, FTL, Bank
Last Owner Search $125.00 Includes copy
Last Owner and Open Mortgages Search $250.00
Lien Search vs. Block & Lot $125.00 Nassau, Suffolk and New York
Franchise Tax Status $75.00
Mortgage Search Block & Lot $175.00
Patriot Search $25.00 Upon customer request
Recording (Accommodation – New York Counties) $125.00 service charge for first document-plus governmental recording charges $75.00 service fee for each additional documents plus governmental recording charges
Recording UCC (Accommodation Counties) $100.00-plus governmental recording charges $50.00 for each additional UCC
Recording Service Fee (Insured files) $75.00 per document
Surrogate Search $100.00
Survey Inspections $95.00 Downstate Counties
$150.00 Upstate Counties
Tax Search $60.00
UCC Searches (State or County) Ordered with a Vendor $60.00 (per jurisdiction)
Westchester E-Tax Forms $150.00 Fee Transfer